The Midnight Riders started their reign of Northern Nevada in 1995 when the owners of a Reno Night Club
called upon Billy James to form a “house band” for their club.  The result was the very energetic, crowd pleasing
band that has been treating audiences to their unique brand of performances all over Nevada.  To quote one
writer of the Fun & Gaming magazine in Reno, "...they have what it takes to stand out.  They are five talented
young, personable (and cute) performers who are quickly earning a reputation as a high quality band.  During
performances, Midnight Riders like to include the audience into their act.  "I love the way they interact with
everyone in the room," said one fan.  "They are having fun and you feel included in the good times." '

The show consists of songs from all over the spectrum.  From one song to the next you don't know what style or
brand of music you will hear.  The band can be as versatile as the audiences they perform in front of.  To quote
another writer from the Fun & Gaming, "Just as you might assume from their youthful experience, the Midnight
Riders combine country and rock hits from yesterday...and just yesterday."  In one evening you can be assured to
hear literally everything from A to Z.  One moment you can hear a soulful rendition of a Merle Haggard classic such
as, "That's The Way Love Goes", then they can turn around and rock the house with the latest Nickelback hit such
as, "You Remind Me".